Alongside the online gallery, THE PINNA is very proud to introduce to its audience also the PINNA VERSO, virtual universe dedicated to NFTs. This metaverse will be accessible via THE PINNA website. By clicking the icon on it, the visitors will be able to browse the selection of artworks proposed. In case of interest, they would be able to complete the purchase on a third-party platform linked to the PINNA VERSO.

PINNA VERSO aims to develop the gallery project by pushing further its boundaries and proposing a selection of NFTs created by artists from all over the world. Faithful to the mission of THE PINNA, the profits coming from the NFTs sold through the PINNA VERSO will be invested in ONGs and charities picked by the artists by transferring the money directly to their crypto wallets or through analogical currency’ wire transfer. In this last case, the money will be first converted in other currency thanks to dedicated websites such as Coinbase.  

Unlike THE PINNA’ criteria, the PINNA VERSO doesn’t require the artists involved to come from particular geographic areas. Being the DeFo revolution absolutely new in many parts of the world, THE PINNA attempts to include artists worldwide in its PINNA VERSO, in order to allow those who are not really strong on this matter to have the chance to make an initial attempt through the gallery platform. Likewise, not all the artists will be compelled to pick a charity or NGOs for the gallery share to be reinvested in, but this will always remain a valuable option for them throughout the entire duration of their contracts.